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stregth [more]
Family [more]
Description my -dhi [more]
Description my -dhi [more]
Description mine -dhi [more]
Description him -dhiyala [more]
Description we -li [more]
Description you -ndhu [more]
Description me -nhal [more]
Description yours -nhu [more]
Description me -nhundha [more]
Description you -nyal [more]
Description you -nyugu [more]
Description you -nyundha [more]
Mammals kangaroo baabay [more]
kangaroo baabay [more]
Family grandmother baadhiin [more]
grandmother baadhiin [more]
Family uncle baadyiin [more]
wound baagin [more]
Description long baari [more]
no baawan [more]
Nature and Elements footprint baayi Listen [more]
Family mother baaymurbang [more]
hill baaywang [more]
Human activity sing babbirra [more]
Family father babiin Listen [more]
Family uncle babiinbang Listen [more]
Description big babir Listen [more]
stupid badbanyguwang Listen [more]
Clothes cloak baddang Listen [more]
Food and Fire bite badha Listen [more]
Food and Fire fish badhambirra Listen [more]
Clothes clothing badhang Listen [more]
Food and Fire bite badharra Listen [more]
plain badhawaral [more]
Description nonsense badhiyang Listen [more]
Clothes cloak badhung Listen [more]
Clothes coat badhung Listen [more]
Aquatic animals shell bagaaygang [more]
light bagadyarrar [more]
thin bagadyarrar [more]
Clothes shoe bagandar Listen [more]
drought bagarraan [more]
Food and Fire scraper bagay Listen [more]
Food and Fire spoon bagay Listen [more]
Aquatic animals shell bagay Listen [more]
Family uncle bagirngan Listen [more]
Family cousin bagirngan Listen [more]
Family uncle bagirngan [more]
Family woman who has given birth bagirngun Listen [more]
Family mother bagirngun Listen [more]
mother bagirngun [more]
Body Parts arm bagur Listen [more]
Family woman balaagan Listen [more]
Family women balaagangirbang Listen [more]
Description cool balaba [more]
Body Parts head balang Listen [more]
bud balanggarang [more]
pillow balanguwan [more]
Nature and Elements sound balgal Listen [more]
Nature and Elements noise balgal Listen [more]
slip balguranha [more]
Family baby bali Listen [more]
Family baby bali Listen [more]
Location and Direction north balima [more]
silence baliran [more]
Clothes cap ballaurong Listen [more]
soft balmang [more]
smooth balmang [more]
dying balubalungin [more]
dark baluga [more]
Other Animals animals balugan Listen [more]
Family ancestors balugirbang Listen [more]
ancestors balugirbang [more]
Family ancestors balumbambal Listen [more]
Ceremony dead balun [more]
feeble balunginbar [more]
die balunha Listen [more]
Family pregnant baluwulinya [more]
right bamalgal [more]
Family aunt bamali Listen [more]
swim bambinya Listen [more]
tall bamir [more]
tie bandarra [more]
Body Parts pain bandyabandya Listen [more]
cut bangabirra [more]
Ceremony place bangal Listen [more]
Ceremony time bangal Listen [more]
everywhere bangalbuwurayi [more]
square bangalmu [more]
share bangamalanha [more]
raining banganha [more]
reconcile bangayarra [more]
break banggamarra [more]
vein bangil [more]
Nature and Elements autumn bangolong Listen [more]
truly banha [more]
fire - making banhirra [more]
Body Parts finger bannawirra Listen [more]
bad banyguwang Listen [more]
wallaby baradhaany [more]
koala barandang [more]
tear baranmarra [more]
Human activity boomerang bargan Listen [more]
Nature and Elements moon barganbargan Listen [more]
Artefacts axe bargun Listen [more]
Body Parts pupil barrabal Listen [more]
ragged barrabarrandin [more]
worn out barrabarrandin [more]
quick barrabarray [more]
speed up barraibirra [more]
take barramarra [more]
Human activity hunt barramarra [more]
hold barramarra [more]
Body Parts thumb barramay Listen [more]
awaken barrambiyarra Listen [more]
recover barraminya [more]
white barrang [more]
Birds pigeon barrawang [more]
no barray [more]
fast barray [more]
fast barray [more]
quick barray [more]
accelerate barraybirra [more]
wallaby barrbay [more]
run fast barruwumanha [more]
Reptiles lizard baryugil [more]
Clothes shoe bawadar Listen [more]
communicate bawamarra [more]
Family twin baybiyan [more]
Body Parts ear ring baygur [more]
Family female baymur Listen [more]
all biambul Listen [more]
crouch down bibanha [more]
tease bibarra [more]
big bidhi Listen [more]
Family male bidya Listen [more]
Family aunt bidyadya [more]
poor bidyan [more]
hook biembai [more]
wrist bii [more]
river bila Listen [more]
Nature and Elements billabong bilabang Listen [more]
platypus biladurang [more]
push near bilimarra [more]
care bilingarra [more]
Birds cockatoo bilirr [more]
Birds cockatoo bilirr [more]
Birds cockatoo bilirr [more]
Food and Fire fire bimbali [more]
point bimirr [more]
wide binaal [more]
Body Parts belly binbin Listen [more]
Body Parts abdomen binbin Listen [more]
crawl bindurgarra [more]
hit bindyibindyi [more]
stumble bindyinya [more]
needle bingal [more]
eldest binhaal [more]
dig binya [more]
cut binya [more]
makelight binyalbirra [more]
lumpy binyalgaana [more]
Body Parts stomach binydyi Listen [more]
birthmark bir Listen [more]
Family boy biran Listen [more]
downhill biranbiran [more]
steep biranbiran [more]
baker birbaldain [more]
bake birbarra Listen [more]
Human activity cut birdi Listen [more]
cut birdirra [more]
carve birgananha [more]
plough birganbirra [more]
shrub birgu [more]
tired birra Listen [more]
back birra Listen [more]
Family young man birraayn Listen [more]
boy birraayndyang [more]
little boy birraayndyang [more]
outside birrabang Listen [more]
above birrabang Listen [more]
up birrabang Listen [more]
up birrabang [more]
tired birrabirra [more]
downhill birrabirrawanybul [more]
thin birrabiyang [more]
poor birrabiyang [more]
Nature and Elements bush birraga Listen [more]
Nature and Elements bush birramal Listen [more]
Human activity traveller birraman Listen [more]
far birramarra [more]
throw birrambarra [more]
stiff birran Listen [more]
Nature and Elements horizon birrang Listen [more]
Human activity club birrang Listen [more]
Description behind birranguwur Listen [more]
boy birrany [more]
navel birrany [more]
descend birrawanha [more]
colon birrin [more]
chest birring [more]
scratch birrirra [more]
Nature and Elements sky birrung Listen [more]
often biyaga [more]
many times biyaga [more]
top biyalbiyal [more]
all biyambul [more]
much biyang Listen [more]
all biyang Listen [more]
many biyang Listen [more]
tiny bubadyang [more]
greedy bubadyarra [more]
Family boy bubal [more]
air bubu Listen [more]
breath bubu Listen [more]
black budhang [more]
smell budhanha [more]
possum budharang [more]
Description corner budhi Listen [more]
Nature and Elements sunbeam budhin Listen [more]
Nature and Elements stars budhu Listen [more]
Birds bats budyaan Listen [more]
Birds birds budyaan Listen [more]
Insects moth budyabudya [more]
Insects butterfly budyabudya [more]
Clothes beads bugang Listen [more]
Clothes necklace bugang Listen [more]
stink bugarnan [more]
Other Animals carrion bugarr [more]
Plants grass buguin Listen [more]
pair bula [more]
together bulabul [more]
three bulangumbaay [more]
whirlwind bulbin [more]
Location and Direction east bululay [more]
Description right bumaldhala Listen [more]
beat bumarra Listen [more]
strike bumarra Listen [more]
hit bumarra Listen [more]
narrow bumbang [more]
Food and Fire smoke bumbanha [more]
bunch bumbany [more]
rush into bumbarramanha [more]
smoke bumbi [more]
smoke bumbinya [more]
blow bumbirra [more]
bad bumbu Listen [more]
Human activity chase bunbananha [more]
follow bunbananha [more]
run after bunbananha [more]
persue bunbananha [more]
run bunbanha [more]
fleeing bunbanha [more]
rest bunbinya [more]
Human activity sit down bunbinya [more]
Insects butterfly bundang [more]
draw bundanha [more]
Food and Fire smoke bundharra [more]
oar bundharraan [more]
club bundhi [more]
topple bundibumarra [more]
Clothes boot bundyi Listen [more]
knew bungany [more]
gift bungany [more]
sweep bungarra [more]
swing bungirra [more]
many bungubulabula [more]
four bungubulabula [more]
many bungubungu [more]
short bungulgal [more]
ashes bunhaan Listen [more]
take away bunharra [more]
do bunmarra; marra [more]
make bunmarra; marra [more]
do bunmarra; marra; marramarra [more]
made by another bunngan [more]
soft bunya [more]
elastic bunya [more]
breathe bunying [more]
boy child buraay [more]
boy buraay [more]
distribute burambabirra [more]
divide burambabirra [more]
stretch burambirra [more]
twine buran [more]
parrot burany [more]
round burbang [more]
circlular burbang [more]
stomach burbin [more]
blacksmith burguinmudil [more]
cut down burradirra [more]
bed Burral Listen [more]
Birds brolga burralgang [more]
Human activity boss burramada Listen [more]
loosen burramarra [more]
toes burrami [more]
row burrar [more]
drum burrbil [more]
fly burrimal [more]
peewee burrindin [more]
touch burruganha [more]
rub against burruganha [more]
round burrumbal [more]
black burrundi [more]
choose burrunmarra [more]
pick burrunmarra [more]
Human activity ball burudhaany Listen [more]
ballmaker burudhayn Listen [more]
moth buugang [more]
take away buumarra [more]
Family mother in law buuya [more]
swelling buwan [more]
precede buwuganuminya [more]
come buwugarra [more]
pull up buwugarra [more]
cloak buwurr [more]
mother-in-law buwuyal [more]
advise buwuyarra Listen [more]
praise buyabiyanha [more]
plant dabugarra [more]
bury dabugarra [more]
sticking fast dagaan [more]
worm dagarang [more]
shadow daguwi [more]
avoid dalagarra Listen [more]
escape dalagarra Listen [more]
doubt dalanygarra [more]
disbelieve dalanygarra [more]
Body Parts shoulder bone dalbar Listen [more]
ripe danba [more]
green danbang [more]
Nature and Elements earth dhaagun Listen [more]
Nature and Elements dirt dhaagun Listen [more]
Nature and Elements ashes dhaagun Listen [more]
dirty dhaagunbilmarra [more]
Body Parts bone dhabal [more]
tread dhabay [more]
round dhabil [more]
Clothes cap dhabu Listen [more]
buried dhabugany [more]
where from ? dhadhi ? [more]
where at ? dhaga ? [more]
Body Parts cheek dhagal Listen [more]
Body Parts whiskers dhagalbudi Listen [more]
Body Parts whiskers dhagalbudi [more]
dung dhagu [more]
where to ? dhagu ? [more]
when ? dhagun ? [more]
towards where ? dhagungurgu ? [more]
alternate dhal Listen [more]
sharp dhala [more]
sudden dhala [more]
quick dhala [more]
passionate dhala [more]
Nature and Elements snow dhalaara Listen [more]
part dhalabalganha [more]
soon dhalambul [more]
soon dhalan [more]
immediately dhalanbul [more]
today dhalang [more]
Body Parts tongue dhalany Listen [more]
Description sharp edge dhalany Listen [more]
pull apart dhalbagarra [more]
open dhalbagarra [more]
drum dhalbirra Listen [more]
beat dhalbirra Listen [more]
swallow dhalburr [more]
jerk dhalunggarra [more]
push dhalunggarra [more]
Clothes hat dhambang Listen [more]
uneven dhana [more]
rough dhana [more]
pretty dhandaa [more]
freezing dhandarang [more]
cold dhandarra [more]
shrunken dhandha [more]
Nature and Elements cold dhandhang Listen [more]
knob dhanga [more]
lumps dhanga [more]
Food and Fire food dhangaang Listen [more]
food dhangaang [more]
towards here dhany [more]
put dhanymarra [more]
draining dharamarra [more]
eat dharra [more]
please dharraay [more]
creek dharran [more]
rib dharrar [more]
throat dharru [more]
scorpion dhimbun [more]
this dhin [more]
that dhin [more]
ball dhindha Listen [more]
Body Parts muscles dhinggaa; dyiny [more]
meat dhinggaa; dyiny [more]
flesh dhinggaa; dyiny [more]
midday dhirranbang [more]
noon dhirranbang [more]
suck dhudharra [more]
very dhugaaybul [more]
brown dhul [more]
straight dhulu [more]
soul dhulubang [more]
spirit dhulubang [more]
straight dhulubin [more]
straight dhulubul [more]
spear dhulugudanha [more]
straight line dhuluwi [more]
speaking truth dhuluyarra [more]
speak truthfully dhuluyarra [more]
spit dhumba [more]
tall dhunay [more]
close dhundhal [more]
swan dhundhu [more]
snail dhundhumirinmirin [more]
womb dhundung [more]
spear dhunhay [more]
write dhunhay [more]
tail dhuny; dhun [more]
news dhurany [more]
wound dhurin [more]
spear dhurinha [more]
prick dhurinha [more]
born dhurinya [more]
sting dhurr [more]
pursue dhurragarra [more]
owl dhurrgang [more]
pained dhurrinya [more]
worms dhurrung [more]
row dhuru [more]
ranks dhuru [more]
Reptiles snake dhuwaa [more]
burrow dhuwugarra [more]
dig dhuwugarra [more]
Body Parts sneeze digarra [more]
Family brother dilaang Listen [more]
draw dilabirra [more]
shake dilagarra [more]
comb dilganha [more]
Insects buzz dinbana [more]
foot dinnang [more]
emu dinnawan [more]
arise dirraayawanha Listen [more]
Family brother dirraaybang Listen [more]
dress the hair dirradambinga [more]
dig deep dirragarra [more]
colours dirrangdirrung [more]
uneven dirrawan [more]
Plants bulrush dirril [more]
spark diwingil [more]
loose diyan [more]
helen djadamia Listen [more]
sheep dombock [more]
get dugayilinya [more]
shade dugin [more]
Body Parts wounds dugul Listen [more]
wholly duguwaybul [more]
exhausted dulaydulay [more]
drop dulba [more]
drop dulbamanha [more]
squeeze dulmarra [more]
point dumbanha [more]
show dumbanha [more]
indicate dumbanha [more]
Human activity carry dumirra [more]
dollar bird dunabanban [more]
mud dung [more]
dirt dung [more]
post dungal [more]
support dungal [more]
pillar dungal [more]
arch dunma Listen [more]
writer durdain [more]
cuckoo durgung [more]
ill duridurinya [more]
pierce durinya [more]
cloud durrany [more]
track durrugarra [more]
ants durrui Listen [more]
burst durrulbarra [more]
lyrebird dyagula [more]
Body Parts sneeze dyigarr [more]
toilet dyilawa [more]
stealthy dyilba [more]
Human activity climb dyilwirra [more]
stomach dyindha [more]
leader dyiraamalang [more]
lawgiver dyiraamalang [more]
spokesperson dyiraamalang [more]
mountain dyiraany [more]
hill dyiraany [more]
proud dyiramadilinya [more]
proud dyiramal [more]
charming dyiramil [more]
daytime dyiranbang [more]
give dyirayga [more]
timid dyirrana [more]
willie wagtail dyirridyirri Listen [more]
spitting dyumbirra [more]
eldest brother gaagang Listen [more]
Family brother gaagang Listen [more]
embrace gaagumarra [more]
string gaal [more]
tie gaal [more]
compose gaalmarra [more]
storm gaama [more]
weak gaamban [more]
carry gaanha [more]
shoulder gaanha [more]
stern gaaray [more]
cough gaarra [more]
cough gaarramarra [more]
white gaban [more]
father in law gaban [more]
start gabingidyal [more]
beginning gabingidyal [more]
egg gabuga [more]
Body Parts brain gabuga [more]
supposing gada [more]
perhaps gada [more]
maybe gada [more]
throat gadha [more]
happy gadhaang [more]
pleasant gadhaang [more]
taste gadhaang [more]
man gadhaldhuray [more]
rinse gadhambirra [more]
ocean gadhang [more]
thigh gadhar [more]
villain gadhawirra [more]
mischievous gadhawirra [more]
rogue gadhawirra [more]
throat gadhay [more]
Reptiles snake gadhi [more]
raw gadhun [more]
uncooked gadhun [more]
vapour gadyal; gadhal [more]
smoke gadyal; gadhal [more]
tobacco gadyal; gadhal [more]
bowl gadyil [more]
Family brother gagaan [more]
Family brother gagamin Listen [more]
halve galabarra [more]
descending galayanha [more]
noise galdang [more]
oven galgambula [more]
husk galgan [more]
shrub galgang [more]
well galgu [more]
seed galgu [more]
rainy galimbang [more]
dragonfly galinbalganbalgang [more]
Reptiles snake galindhuliny [more]
eel galindulin [more]
wet galindyuwur [more]
water galing; ngadyang [more]
children galingabangbur [more]
uphill galiyanbal [more]
ascend galiyanha Listen [more]
uncooperative gamang [more]
awaken gamarra Listen [more]
yesterday gambaay; ngingurany [more]
turkey gambal [more]
Family brother gambang Listen [more]
groin gambu [more]
confused ganama [more]
wipe ganbanha [more]
difficult gandamay [more]
pass by gandarra [more]
push gandarra [more]
policeman gandyi; gandyibul [more]
top gangaan [more]
surface gangaan [more]
spider ganggaa [more]
web ganggarr [more]
lie ganginmarra [more]
steep gangul [more]
her ganguwan; -nguwan [more]
him ganguwan; -nguwan [more]
doing ganha [more]
shallow ganhaan [more]
sole ganhambang [more]
warm ganhang; ngayur [more]
hungry ganhawaadharra [more]
kangaroo ganhur [more]
tree garal [more]
fork garbuma [more]
stiff gardaa [more]
cramp gardagarda [more]
truth gari [more]
run over garibawalanha [more]
TRUE garigarra [more]
corella garila [more]
dingo garingali Listen [more]
granddaughter garingun [more]
do not gariya [more]
strong garngan [more]
disease garra [more]
sneak garraamanha [more]
corroboree garrabari [more]
dance garrabari [more]
thirsty garrabarraal [more]
silence hush garrady [more]
yes garragiy [more]
pour garralgarra [more]
Human activity book garrandarang [more]
paper garrandarang [more]
burping garranggarra [more]
net garrari [more]
cry aloud garrayarbarra [more]
palm garraygal [more]
look for garraywarra [more]
seek garraywarra [more]
waist garrba [more]
Artefacts boomerang garrbaa [more]
sew garrbarra [more]
spill garrinya [more]
magpie garru Listen [more]
marsh garruu [more]
withered garwal [more]
welcome gawaaymbanha [more]
swamp gawal [more]
valley gawal [more]
plate gawal [more]
road gawala [more]
path gawala [more]
come here gaway [more]
north gawugawu [more]
down gawura [more]
ah gay Listen [more]
spade gaya [more]
spoon gayandha [more]
thread gayang [more]
lustful gayay [more]
Body Parts smell gayir [more]
time gayuwal [more]
speech giba [more]
retribution giban [more]
revenge giban [more]
revenge gibanhirra [more]
punish gibanhirra [more]
buy gibanybirra Listen [more]
Human activity barter gibanybirra Listen [more]
exchange gibanybirra Listen [more]
speaking gibarra [more]
nephew gibayan [more]
answer gibayarra Listen [more]
reply gibayarra [more]
person gibir [more]
person gibir [more]
people gibirbang [more]
men gibirgaang [more]
southern cross gibirrgan [more]
Reptiles black snake gibirrngaan Listen [more]
glowing gidharra [more]
hair gidyang [more]
terrified gidyawuruwin [more]
male possum gidyay Listen [more]
budgerigar gidyirrigaa [more]
tickle gidyubarra [more]
scent gigirr [more]
Body Parts smell gigirr [more]
Aquatic animals shrimp giidyaa [more]
urine giil [more]
urinate giilinya [more]
Insects caterpillar giinma [more]
womb giira [more]
then gila [more]
thus gila [more]
Description so gila [more]
nurse gilgarra [more]
sharp-edged gilun [more]
sharp-pointed gilunbang [more]
sharp gilung [more]
well gimbir [more]
Nature and Elements spring gimbir [more]
heart gin [more]
melt ginanha [more]
desire ginbayanha [more]
have fun gindaymanha [more]
play gindaymanha [more]
laugh gindaymarra [more]
possum gindhaany [more]
play gindhay [more]
cramp gindyiriin [more]
surprise ginhan [more]
tough ginhar [more]
strong ginhar [more]
even gin_gaa [more]
smooth gin_gaa [more]
level gin_gaa [more]
centipede gion [more]
wind giraa [more]
sunset giragan [more]
stars giralang; miima [more]
wind giran [more]
fear giran [more]
tea girang [more]
sunset girangang [more]
ill girangiran [more]
perspiration giring [more]
sweat giring [more]
play girinya [more]
voice girlang [more]
word girlang [more]
sound girlang [more]
happy girragirra [more]
elevated girramaa [more]
take unawares girrawarra [more]
door-lock girrenil [more]
red girri; dirrang [more]
weak girugal [more]
depressed girugal [more]
hungry girugal [more]
Plants mushroom girungang [more]
soft giwaa [more]
moonlight giwambang [more]
moon giwang [more]
cook giwarra Listen [more]
roast giwarra Listen [more]
timber giyagul [more]
ashamed giyaldhuray Listen [more]
insulting giyalung [more]
smart giyalung [more]
Body Parts lungs giyang [more]
spit giyayalang [more]
spring giyimbirr [more]
itch giyin [more]
frightened giyirinya [more]
red ochre gubarr [more]
persue gubarra [more]
Human activity chase gubarra [more]
run after gubarra [more]
glitter gudha Listen [more]
shiny gudha Listen [more]
baby gudha Listen [more]
tortoise gudhamang [more]
shine gudharra [more]
shining gudharraa [more]
song gudhi; gudyi [more]
composer gudhingan [more]
silent gudhiyarra [more]
corpse gudin [more]
stink gudyaa [more]
Artefacts bucket gudyi [more]
club gudyuru [more]
cooked gugabang [more]
Family brother gugamin [more]
cripple gugan [more]
lame gugan [more]
crawl guganha [more]
creep guganha [more]
cup gugi [more]
short gugiin [more]
stumpy gugiin [more]
near gugin Listen [more]
close gugin Listen [more]
Description his guiiny [more]
anger gulaa Listen [more]
frog gulaangga Listen [more]
crossing-place gulaay [more]
bridge gulaay [more]
reject gulabirra [more]
refuse gulabirra [more]
coolamon gulaman [more]
open gulamarra [more]
pelican gulambali [more]
earth oven gulambula [more]
alone gulamilanha Listen [more]
wombat gulang [more]
angry gularra Listen [more]
bag gulay Listen [more]
second gulaygan [more]
net gulaymarra [more]
younger gulaynan [more]
understand gulbarra [more]
smoke gulbi [more]
partly gulbigulbir [more]
some gulbir [more]
divide gulbirmarra [more]
before gulgandowa [more]
ditch gulgang [more]
gully gulgang [more]
crown gulgang [more]
gully gulguma [more]
valley gulguma [more]
plate gulgurr [more]
coolabah gulibaa [more]
Family mother's sons gulmaayn [more]
mother's sister's sons gulmaayn [more]
wooden container guluman [more]
distant guluwin Listen [more]
storm guma [more]
metal gumbadha [more]
Family brother gumbal Listen [more]
grave gumbang [more]
bathe gumbinya Listen [more]
wash gumbinya Listen [more]
crown gumbu [more]
thread gumil [more]
belt gumil [more]
girdle gumil [more]
TRUE gun [more]
butterfly gunaagunaa [more]
shallow gunaany [more]
someone gundala [more]
somebody gundala [more]
shelter gundanha [more]
this way gundany [more]
this one gundany [more]
shelter gundaymarra [more]
wallaby gundhirrwa [more]
swampy area gungalman [more]
stream gungan [more]
running stream gungan [more]
dew gunggil [more]
codfish gunggubal [more]
his gunggula Listen [more]
else gunhang [more]
yellow gunhanggunhang [more]
Family aunt gunhi Listen [more]
Family mother gunhi Listen [more]
plain gunhigal [more]
groan gunhilmarranha [more]
uncle gunhimbang [more]
uncle gunhimbang [more]
thumb gunhin [more]
grandmother gunhinharrung [more]
grandmother gunhinharrung [more]
grandmother gunhinharrung [more]
squeeze gunhirra [more]
deny gunhungarra [more]
distant gunhunggulang [more]
black guninguriin [more]
cough gunugunu [more]
doctor guradyi [more]
bandicoot gurang Listen [more]
voice guray [more]
groan guray [more]
paralysed gurgun [more]
deaf gurgur [more]
curlew guriban [more]
charcoal guriin [more]
marks gurilgang [more]
plate gurra [more]
push gurramarra [more]
small gurray [more]
change gurray [more]
cattle gurruganbalang Listen [more]
loins gurrugurru [more]
night time gurruway [more]
news gurruwir [more]
rescue gurwarra [more]
wait for guwaali [more]
Birds pigeon guwabadhu [more]
shadow guwal [more]
blood guwan [more]
bleeding guwanbagarra [more]
reddish guwandubang [more]
fog guwang [more]
mist guwang [more]
bloody guwangawan [more]
veins guwangayang [more]
fly guwanyginma [more]
quarrion guwariyan [more]
anytime guway Listen [more]
sometime guway Listen [more]
later guwayu [more]
warm guwibanha [more]
he guwiiny; -wiiny; -ngiiny [more]
she guwiiny; -wiiny; -ngiiny [more]
theirs guwiinyguliyagu [more]
us guwiinyngali-gin.gu [more]
us two guwiinyngaligin [more]
with guwiinyngaligindya [more]
ours guwiinyngaligin_gunha [more]
delay guwilaminya [more]
woman's girdle guwimilgang [more]
Description plenty guwindi; madhu Listen [more]
Fish fish guya Listen [more]
Nature and Elements south guya Listen [more]
Human activity fisherman guyabadambildain Listen [more]
Nature and Elements dry guyal Listen [more]
fire guyang Listen [more]
self guyungan [more]
Description myself guyunganmadilin [more]
Mammals ring-tailed opossum kindain [more]
opossum kindain [more]
Body Parts back maa Listen [more]
sticky maadhil [more]
countryman maamungun [more]
Family friend maamungun Listen [more]
Ceremony circle maarung Listen [more]
string maawiyirr [more]
quoll mabi [more]
stop mabinya [more]
wait mabinya [more]
spill mabirra [more]
pour mabirra [more]
messenger mabun [more]
firewood madhan [more]
tree madhan [more]
stick madhan [more]
wood madhan [more]
tree madhan [more]
suck madharra [more]
chew madharra [more]
heavy madhawu [more]
enemy madhu [more]
many madhu [more]
spinal column magalang [more]
disobey maganha [more]
rebel maganha [more]
bright magarra [more]
Ceremony tribal man maiyn Listen [more]
rock area malang [more]
should malang [more]
girl malangun [more]
work maldhan [more]
mulga malga [more]
eagle maliyan [more]
wedge tailed eagle maliyan [more]
tired malu [more]
lazy malu [more]
female malungan [more]
grandfather mamaba [more]
grandfather mamaba [more]
husband or wife mamadhin [more]
mixture mamal [more]
visit mamalanha [more]
mingle mamalbamarra [more]
forget mamandarra [more]
unsure mamandarra [more]
poorly mambuwar [more]
unwell mambuwar [more]
look mambuwarra [more]
underdone manar [more]
thank you mandaangguwu [more]
happy mandang [more]
thankful mandang [more]
pick mandarra [more]
Body Parts upper lip mandhu [more]
besides mandu Listen [more]
else mandu Listen [more]
undisturbed mandur [more]
daughter-in-law mandyay [more]
sore mangay [more]
baby mangga Listen [more]
steal manggi [more]
muddy manhanbil [more]
ground manhang [more]
soil manhang [more]
dirt manhang [more]
dirt manhang [more]
wide manhar [more]
spread manharra [more]
good marambang [more]
better marambir Listen [more]
refreshment marambungiiy [more]
bad maramubang Listen [more]
Description good marang [more]
deflect maranha [more]
improve maranirra [more]
striped marbaamarbaa [more]
pregnancy marganduli [more]
hand marra Listen [more]
Star marra Listen [more]
past marradhal [more]
rock marradir [more]
rock marradir [more]
firstborn marragaay [more]
widower marragady [more]
naked marragir [more]
arm marrala Listen [more]
hurry marramanha [more]
surprised marramirra [more]
lung marran [more]
spider marrangungan [more]
spider marrar [more]
ankles marrgun Listen [more]
body marrin [more]
tray marriny [more]
dish marriny [more]
mad man marrlangal [more]
overflowing marrum [more]
Aquatic animals crayfish marrumin [more]
cunning marrung [more]
cautious marrung [more]
circuitous marrung [more]
sweet marrunga [more]
form marruwanha [more]
make marruwanha [more]
love marunbunmirra [more]
altogether mawang Listen [more]
widow maygang [more]
single midhang [more]
alone midhang Listen [more]
one midhang Listen [more]
sharp midyur [more]
pointed midyur [more]
corner miganmigan [more]
edge miganmigan [more]
girl migay Listen [more]
lightning migge [more]
Body Parts eye miil Listen [more]
wakeful miilalmiilal [more]
hole miilbi [more]
vision miilu; ngaany [more]
hot miinaa [more]
close milangul [more]
sidewards milangun [more]
pull mimarra [more]
detain mimarra [more]
hold mimarra [more]
Family sister mingaan Listen [more]
sister mingaan Listen [more]
mistaken mingarra [more]
Family sister minhi Listen [more]
sister minhi [more]
sister minhi [more]
Family sister minhi [more]
what at minyala ? [more]
what about ? minyali ? [more]
what does ? minyalu ? [more]
something minyambal [more]
nightmare minyambang [more]
with ? minyandhuradhu ? [more]
what ? minyang ? [more]
what for ? minyanggu ?wargu ? [more]
what place ? minyangguwur ? [more]
Body Parts nostrils mirilmiril [more]
left hand mirra [more]
afraid mirralbirra [more]
dog mirri Listen [more]
insult mirribinya [more]
dejected mirrimbulbul [more]
white clay mirrul [more]
clay; white paint mirrul [more]
paint mirrway [more]
relations miyagan; wayadan [more]
Family carer miyan [more]
Family marriage mubal [more]
marriage mubany [more]
content mudhaay [more]
Ceremony bullroarer mudhiga [more]
Family friend mudyi Listen [more]
man mudyigang [more]
Insects maggot muga [more]
have mugarrmarra [more]
Nature and Elements blind mugiiny [more]
Insects mosquitoes mugin [more]
shut mugu [more]
palate mugumaga [more]
make mugumarra [more]
silent muguwar [more]
quiet muguwar [more]
peaceful muguwarbang [more]
quiet muguwarbang [more]
sore mula [more]
ulcer mula [more]
Food and Fire boil mula [more]
darkness mulaa [more]
night mulaa [more]
sick mulaang [more]
slippery mulamula [more]
part mulan [more]
short mulba [more]
bird mulbirrang [more]
rosella mulbirrang [more]
span mulgamanha [more]
zebra finch muliyiin [more]
Body Parts moustache muludyin [more]
comet muma [more]
blossoms mumbal [more]
smear mundhanha [more]
bark mundhay Listen [more]
bark mundhay Listen [more]
smack mundyambarra [more]
straight mungur [more]
Mammals calf munguu [more]
louse munha [more]
nits munha [more]
lice munha [more]
shower munuburrang [more]
big munun Listen [more]
much munun Listen [more]
murray cod munyaa [more]
white cockatoo muraany [more]
different muriguwal [more]
canoe muriin [more]
throw down murrabirra [more]
mud murrang [more]
speak out murrayarra [more]
stranger murri [more]
strangers murriguwalbang [more]
strange murriidyang [more]
each murrimurri [more]
no murrin [more]
sea murriyan [more]
nose murru Listen [more]
thunder murruburaay [more]
thorns murrudalany [more]
read murrugarra [more]
spoonbill murrugaya [more]
sky murrumbir [more]
west wind murruwa [more]
wind murruwa [more]
path murruway [more]
track murruway [more]
road murruway [more]
alive murun_garra Listen [more]
Family sister muwugan [more]
liver naga [more]
neck nan [more]
close nandhu [more]
meet nandhu [more]
Reptiles snake nandibang [more]
uncomfortable nanhaguraay [more]
miserable nanhaguraay [more]
waste nanhaybungarra [more]
miserable nanhaygan [more]
neck nany [more]
send narinha [more]
slip narwarra [more]
wrist nawunin [more]
blind ngaamubang [more]
Body Parts mouth ngaan Listen [more]
look ngaanha [more]
see ngaanha [more]
visible ngaanhan [more]
Family aunt ngabaan [more]
measure ngabinbirra [more]
try ngabinbirra [more]
Body Parts taste ngadharra [more]
my ngadhi Listen [more]
Description mine ngadhi Listen [more]
me ngadhi Listen [more]
other side ngadhiguwur [more]
with ngadhiyala [more]
I ngadhu Listen [more]
care ngadhurinya [more]
up here ngadiwal [more]
themselves ngaguyungguliyirr [more]
theirs ngagwiinybulagu [more]
we ngal [more]
light ngalan [more]
peak ngalanbang [more]
makelight ngalanbirra [more]
return ngalangganha [more]
clean ngalar [more]
white ngalar [more]
clear ngalar [more]
give light ngalgarra [more]
shine ngalgarra [more]
Food and Fire brighten ngalgarra [more]
above ngalguwama Listen [more]
youme ngaligin [more]
with ngaligindya [more]
you ngaligingu [more]
ours ngaligingunha [more]
myself ngaligunha [more]
almost ngaliman Listen [more]
nearly ngaliman Listen [more]
lump ngama [more]
woman ngamandhuray [more]
feel ngamanha [more]
touch ngamanha [more]
touch ngamarra [more]
feel ngamarra [more]
yawn ngambaygal [more]
yawn ngambaygal [more]
milk ngamu [more]
pregnant ngamundhuray [more]
Body Parts breast ngamung [more]
suck ngamunha [more]
Family aunt ngamur Listen [more]
daughter ngamurr [more]
Family son or daughter's daughter ngamuur [more]
eldest son nganalang [more]
son nganalang [more]
thirsty ngandabirra [more]
who ? ngandhi ? [more]
whom ngandhigu ? [more]
who did ? ngandhu ? [more]
who else ? ngandhuguwal ? [more]
look after ngangaanha [more]
care for ngangaanha [more]
drown nganganha [more]
me nganha [more]
there nganha [more]
over there nganhabul Listen [more]
behind nganhabul Listen [more]
downwards nganhadarrany [more]
there nganhala [more]
that one nganhala [more]
them nganhanybula [more]
them nganhanyguliya [more]
this nganhawaa [more]
that nganhawaa [more]
above nganhawal Listen [more]
ourselves nganhayung [more]
our own nganhayung [more]
there nganhi [more]
them nganhiguliya [more]
with all of them nganhiguliyala [more]
mix nganhinmarra [more]
with nganhiyinbulaga [more]
other side nganhuguwur [more]
me nganhundha [more]
me nganhundha [more]
who done to ? nganngun ? [more]
whom nganngun ? [more]
whom nganunda ? [more]
with whom ? nganundha ? [more]
who about ? nganundhi ? [more]
whom nganundhidhuray ? [more]
who close to ? nganundila ? [more]
they nganyguliya [more]
assemble ngan_girra Listen [more]
meet ngan_girra [more]
whose ? ngan_gu ? [more]
cinders ngara [more]
bee ngaraang Listen [more]
pitiful ngarabang [more]
sly ngaragul [more]
sharp ngarambang [more]
suggest ngararra [more]
point ngararra [more]
dawn ngargan [more]
Nature and Elements morning ngarin [more]
Body Parts mouth ngarra [more]
regret ngarraarr [more]
Mammals bat ngarradan [more]
miserable ngarragaa [more]
unhappy ngarragaa [more]
after ngarranga Listen [more]
sorrow ngarrarr [more]
worry ngarrarr [more]
trouble ngarrarr [more]
pity ngarrarrbarra [more]
steep ngarray [more]
honey ngarru [more]
sweet ngarrungarru [more]
yes ngawa [more]
weight ngawaal [more]
force ngawaal [more]
pouch ngawar [more]
tread upon ngawarra [more]
show ngawumbirra [more]
however ngay [more]
but ngay [more]
ask ngayarra Listen [more]
mind ngayiny [more]
thought ngayiny [more]
secretive ngayirr [more]
interfere ngiilinya [more]
wait for ngimambirra [more]
squeeze ngimarra [more]
pinch ngimarra [more]
you ngindhu [more]
you also ngindhubu Listen [more]
you two ngindhubula [more]
you all ngindhugir [more]
want ngindi [more]
here nginha Listen [more]
this nginha Listen [more]
with nginhadhuray [more]
these nginhala [more]
these nginhanha [more]
here nginhi [more]
this nginhi [more]
Description you nginhindhugir [more]
yours nginhu [more]
yours nginhubulagu [more]
your/s nginhugir [more]
you nginyal [more]
you two nginyalbula [more]
you all nginyalgir [more]
you nginyugu [more]
you nginyundha [more]
you two nginyundhabulaga [more]
you all nginyundhagirra [more]
repeat ngiyabinya [more]
revive ngiyaginya [more]
wise ngiyagir [more]
yes ngiyama [more]
speak together ngiyambalgarra [more]
supervise ngiyamirra [more]
speechless ngiyamugu [more]
word ngiyang [more]
look upward ngiyangarra [more]
speak ngiyanggarra [more]
we all ngiyanhi [more]
with ngiyanhigindya [more]
ours ngiyanhigingu [more]
us ngiyanhigingunha [more]
we all ngiyanhiguna [more]
us all ngiyanhinyaguna [more]
forehead ngolong [more]
spouse ngubaan [more]
stooping ngudhu [more]
owl ngugug [more]
son ngulunggal [more]
meeting nguluway [more]
borrow ngumambilanha [more]
sometimes ngumba [more]
one ngumbaay [more]
alone ngumbaay [more]
together ngumbaaydyil [more]
another ngumbaayguwal Listen [more]
some ngumbaaymarrang [more]
union ngumbadal [more]
unity ngumbadal [more]
wrapped up ngumbuwur [more]
brother-in-law ngunagan [more]
scorch ngunanha [more]
any ngundanhi Listen [more]
bring ngungganha [more]
agree ngunggiyarra Listen [more]
elbow ngunha [more]
distant ngunhangalang [more]
sleepy ngunhi [more]
fence ngunmal [more]
deep ngurambalbang [more]
burrow ngurang Listen [more]
nest ngurang Listen [more]
early morning ngurangal [more]
country ngurangbang [more]
nest ngurrawang Listen [more]
friendship ngurrbul [more]
love ngurrbul [more]
wonder ngurrigal [more]
proud ngurrigiilang [more]
vain ngurrigiilang [more]
Body Parts snore ngurrulganha [more]
blue ngurrumirgang [more]
dark ngurrumurdin [more]
pouch ngurruwi [more]
shadow nguru [more]
shade nguru [more]
evening ngurumbang [more]
frost ngurumbi [more]
winter ngurumbi [more]
dark ngurung [more]
dawn ngurunggal [more]
morning ngurunggal [more]
dawn ngurunggalangal [more]
beautiful nguyaguyamilang Listen [more]
he nhila [more]
she nhila [more]
hot niganaga [more]
Description one's own niin [more]
tomorrow niiringal [more]
search ninirwarra [more]
edge nirin [more]
uncle nunarmun [more]
bad nunay [more]
shut nunba [more]
closed nunba [more]
shove nungaldyirra [more]
push nungaldyirra [more]
unsociable nunhadyul [more]
eternal nurranurra [more]
thing nyaandi [more]
look out beware nyiilawayninggi [more]
sweetheart nyiwarri [more]
snot nyugaam [more]
dive ubbunginga [more]
raven waagan [more]
earthquake waalurr [more]
tormenting waangandarra Listen [more]
arguing waangandarra Listen [more]
disturb waanganha [more]
rough wadawada [more]
ankle bone wadhawadha Listen [more]
stick wadhi [more]
dance wagadyi [more]
dance wagambirra [more]
dance waganha [more]
dance waganha [more]
walk wagirra [more]
strip walagarra [more]
strong walang [more]
money walang [more]
stone walang [more]
strengthen walanmarra [more]
wallaroo walarru [more]
round walawa [more]
stony walawalang [more]
crooked walbaay [more]
collarbone walgar [more]
protect walumarra [more]
guard walumarra [more]
woomera wamar [more]
build wamarra [more]
wombat wambad Listen [more]
male wambanybang [more]
male wambi [more]
support wambinya [more]
Mammals kangaroo wambuan Listen [more]
Location and Direction macquarie river wambuul [more]
gravemound wanbang [more]
echidna wandaayali [more]
porcupine wandaayali [more]
awkward wandya Listen [more]
Family mother-in-law wandyan [more]
naughty wandyibaany [more]
crow wandyu [more]
meat wangaay [more]
madness wangabulin [more]
lost wangadurinya [more]
astray wangadyung Listen [more]
lost wangadyung Listen [more]
lose wanganha [more]
cry likecrow wangarra [more]
baby wanggaay Listen [more]
pigeon wanggawangga [more]
argumentative wanggun Listen [more]
naughty wanggun Listen [more]
whisky wangigaling [more]
finish wanhamarra [more]
single wanhanggilgan [more]
unmarried wanhanggilgan [more]
throw wanhanha Listen [more]
scratch wanyanha [more]
mark wanyarra [more]
waratah waradhaa [more]
put up warambirra [more]
Human activity canoe wargang [more]
why ? wargu ? [more]
stomp warra [more]
stamp warra [more]
scream warraa [more]
shout warraa [more]
yellow warradagang [more]
downwards warraga [more]
under there warraga [more]
iguana warrai [more]
unbending warral [more]
stretch warralginya [more]
Clothes cap warrambinya [more]
put down warrambirra [more]
strange warrangan [more]
stand warranha [more]
shout warrawarra [more]
string band warrawur [more]
toe warriya [more]
wasp warru [more]
count warruyarra [more]
clean wawirra [more]
steam wawur [more]
watch out way [more]
look back wayamirra [more]
out of sight wayan [more]
lost wayan [more]
teachable wayarang [more]
rich wayarang [more]
left wayburr [more]
travel waygiwinya [more]
Birds cockatoo wayimaa [more]
twist waynha [more]
twine wayu [more]
string wayu [more]
bent wayubiiraay Listen [more]
crooked wayubiiraay Listen [more]
spin wibirra [more]
sit wibiyanha [more]
detain wibiyarra [more]
child widyalang [more]
alcohol widyali Listen [more]
drink widyarra [more]
which way ? widyung ? [more]
when ? widyungga ? [more]
which way ? widyungguwur ? [more]
what ? widyungura ? [more]
what ? widyuwa ? [more]
cake wigay [more]
bread wigay [more]
damper wigay [more]
switch wiilba [more]
branch wiilba [more]
twig wiilba [more]
whistle wiilbanha [more]
whistling sound wiilbay [more]
burning wiinha [more]
fire making wiinybangarra [more]
Mammals possum wilay [more]
curious wilaydul [more]
strange wilaydul [more]
mischief wilaymarra [more]
cave wilban [more]
middle wilima [more]
Body Parts lower lip wiling [more]
sweet wiluraay [more]
slender wilurding [more]
woman wingadhan [more]
yolk wingambang [more]
Human activity sitting wingarra Listen [more]
meditate winhangadurinya [more]
know winhangadurinya [more]
clever winhangalang [more]
pick out winingarra [more]
believe winnanggabillinga Listen [more]
live winya [more]
Human activity sit down winya [more]
sky wir [more]
no wiraay [more]
Nature and Elements wind wirang Listen [more]
sloping wirany [more]
wrong wiraydhulu [more]
error wiraydhulu [more]
spin wirbunbarra [more]
turn round wirbunbarra [more]
revolve wirbunbarra [more]
care wirimbirra [more]
ought wirmi [more]
rests wirra [more]
nail wirradirra [more]
sloping wirran [more]
redback spider wirridirrangdirrang [more]
spider wirridirrangdirrang [more]
swollen wubur [more]
ear wudha Listen [more]
intelligent wudhadhuray [more]
clever wudhadhuray [more]
Body Parts deaf wudhamugu [more]
man wugal [more]
Nature and Elements wind wugil [more]
voice wula [more]
sound wula [more]
calf wulamany [more]
call wulanha [more]
pull off wulbundinya [more]
garbage wuluwi [more]
rubbish wuluwi [more]
audience wumang Listen [more]
last wumbaay [more]
loosen wumbanha [more]
son wumbidyang [more]
peep wumirra [more]
niece wundayan [more]
slanting wunha [more]
leaning wunha [more]
low wunhudhabul [more]
weak wurra [more]
feeble wurra [more]
very thin wurra [more]
slanting wurranha [more]
tie wurrugan [more]
son wurrumany [more]
son or daughter's son wurrumany [more]
rush upon wurrurbanha [more]
stretch out wurunmarra [more]
through wuruwin [more]
open wuurra [more]
adam's apple wuurrabil Listen [more]
sore wuurrargirrin [more]
key wuurrganba [more]
opener wuurrganba [more]
put in wuurrgarra [more]
now yaala [more]
present yaala [more]
quarrelling yaambu [more]
nonsense yaambul [more]
lie yaambul [more]
nothing yaambul [more]
snake yaba Listen [more]
path yabang [more]
prize yabany [more]
yabi yabi [more]
crayfish yabi [more]
Ceremony dream yadhaa [more]
because yadhang Listen [more]
prepare yadilinya [more]
scold yaladanha [more]
repeat yalalinya [more]
side yalay [more]
confess yaldurinya [more]
dry yalgaabunbirra [more]
drought yalgu [more]
side yali [more]
teach yalmambirra [more]
truly yalu [more]
always yalul Listen [more]
are yama Listen [more]
how yama Listen [more]
companion yamadhaany [more]
are you yamandhu Listen [more]
accompany yamanha Listen [more]
everything yambuwan Listen [more]
anything yambuwan Listen [more]
what for ? why ? yamuwa ? [more]
when yandandhu [more]
if yandandhu [more]
Mammals possum yandhang [more]
eat together yandharra [more]
now yandhul [more]
present yandhul [more]
complain yanganha [more]
send yanhabayarra [more]
wanderer yanhadarrambal [more]
walk yanhagagi [more]
chase yanhamanha [more]
go yanhanha [more]
gum-tree yara [more]
beard yaran [more]
chin yaran [more]
lengthen yaranha [more]
straighten yaranha [more]
Body Parts beard yarany Listen [more]
sensual yariwan [more]
root yarngun [more]
talk yarra [more]
tell yarra [more]
speak yarra [more]
spring yarraga [more]
horse yarraman [more]
splinters yarrang [more]
root yarrangany [more]
creaking yarrarbaay [more]
creak yarrarbarra [more]
transparent yarringan [more]
voracious yarriwan [more]
dream yarrudhamarra [more]
dream yarrudhang [more]
strong yarruwala [more]
cockroach yawanygar [more]
watch yawarra [more]
round yawayma [more]
breeze yawilawilawil [more]
assist yayalanha Listen [more]
decorate yibirmanha [more]
paint yibirmanha [more]
nephew yibuga [more]
relative yibuga [more]
Body Parts finger yidya Listen [more]
fault yiilinya [more]
faded yiligidyang [more]
ray yin Listen [more]
beam yin Listen [more]
slow yindyang [more]
soft yindyang [more]
smile yinggirra [more]
ill yingil [more]
sick yingil [more]
hurting yingilirra [more]
copy yingiyanbirra [more]
woman yinhaa [more]
woman yinhaa [more]
older girl yinhaagung [more]
gills yira [more]
severe yira [more]
summer yirabang [more]
day yiradhu [more]
spring yiraga [more]
morning star yiraidurai [more]
sun rising yiramiilan [more]
Nature and Elements bank of river yiramir Listen [more]
blunt yiramugu [more]
Body Parts teeth yirang [more]
storm yirawarayi [more]
sunset yirawulin [more]
sun yiray [more]
star yiraydhuray [more]
eat yirbadharra [more]
drink yirbadharra [more]
empty yirbagarra [more]
cease yirgarra [more]
tremble yiribadarra [more]
wind yirinirin [more]
teeth yirra [more]
swallow yirribin [more]
deep yirubar [more]
sky yirung [more]
rain yubaa [more]
raining yubarra [more]
touch yudilanha [more]
turn back yugangbirra [more]
move yuganha [more]
sleeping place yugaway [more]
dingo yugay Listen [more]
this one yugubul [more]
look for yugugirra [more]
ripples yulang [more]
waves yulang [more]
skin yulany [more]
stretch yulawarra [more]
thin yuliyiin [more]
lean yuliyiin [more]
claws yulu [more]
nail yulu [more]
rainbow yulubirrngiin [more]
that way yumbul [more]
west yunangany [more]
tears yung [more]
shout yungaybarra [more]
push back yungbunmarra [more]
noisy yungirang [more]
cry yunha [more]
Plants blossoms yurali [more]
sleep yuray [more]
sleep yurbarra [more]
sleepy yurbayurba [more]
waterhole yuriyawi [more]
lying asleep yurranhawinha [more]
sleepy yurraybulbul [more]
sun yurruga [more]
thistle yurrugay [more]
follow yurrumbamarra [more]
sleeping yurubarra [more]
Body Parts sore yurun [more]
cloud yurung Listen [more]
odour yuwarr [more]
name yuwin [more]
this way yuwinbir [more]
Human activity backwards yuyung Listen [more]
backwards yuyung Listen [more]
backwards yuyung Listen [more]